Allow me to reintroduce myself ...
Hi there. I’m Erik Sena.
That’s Erik with a K at the end and Sena with an S at the front. Enchanté.
I was born in ’94. The same year Nas dropped Illmatic and Boyz II Men dropped II. Pretty much history’s greatest creative contributions. Coincidence? Yeah, probably.
My career in writing began almost two decades ago with a short fictional piece about giant space lions.
My literary snobbiness began a couple years later when I started correcting teachers’ grammar.
I discovered my penchant for making shit when I won second place at the Invention Convention. That’s also when I realized first place is overrated.
I’m addicted to parenthetical statements and em dashes and allergic to Oxford commas (not really—obviously).
I’m the human embodiment of Comic Sans with just a hint of stepping-on-a-LEGO.
On any given day, my creativity is inspired by some mix of katanas, kung fu, giant robots and basketball memes.
Some days, I rap. Most days, I write. Every day, I disappoint my parents.
I also dabble in photography, design and DJing just to add to my list of underpaid skills.
Some of my work has won a couple neat awards, but I think the real gold is somewhere on A$AP Rocky’s teeth.
But enough about me. What gets you jazzed and inspires your Mountain-Dew-fueled late night Wikipedia seshes? Hit me up and let me know. We've got a lot of work (work work work work) to do.
Yours truly,
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