Allow me to reintroduce myself ...
Oh, hi there! Didn't notice ya. Come on in and take a plop on the ol' bean bag chair. 
You know...Socrates once said, "With great power comes great responsibility." And I'm just now realizing that quote has nothing to do with the topic at hand, and I actually don't even think Socrates really said that. Right...anywho, my name is Erik Sena (that's "Erik" with a K at the end and "Sena" with an S at the front). Enchanté.

- I was born in 1994, the same year Nas dropped his legendary debut album Illmatic and Boyz II Men dropped their timeless classic II, which explains my unhealthy obsession with anything and everything Hip Hop as well as silky '90s R&B
- My mom started out her career as a designer and my dad as a copywriter, and they're infinitely more successful than I could ever hope to be
- My career in writing started almost 20 years ago with a short fictional piece about giant space lions. Go figure.

- I'm addicted to parenthetical statements and em dashes and allergic to Oxford commas
- I speak fluent GIF
- I'm the human embodiment of Comic Sans with just a hint of stepping-on-a-LEGO
- Dads are my spirit animal
- I share the same personality type as Luke Skywalker and William Shakespeare but only a modicum of their talent
- I'm the only person on the planet over 13 who's easily entertained by anything involving katanas, kung fu or giant robots
- Contrary to popular belief, I'm not related to John Cena (sadly)
But enough about me. What gets you jazzed and inspires your Mountain-Dew-fueled late night Wikipedia seshes? Hit me up and let me know. We've got a lot of work (work work work work) to do.
Yours truly,
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